In Guadalajara

Hola from Guadalajara.
From Hidalgo del Parral, I went down to Durango and rode the Espinoza Diablo. Wow! What a road. That road and the ride down to Batopilas alone is totally worth coming to Mexico for, besides all the good food and great people.
I think they wanted to call Hwy 40 the Tail of the Dragon, but that was already taken. Amazing, it was just like Deals Gap, but about 10 times longer. My knees really started hurting after so much peg dancing. The scenery was like from a movie set or something.. thick fog with steep rocky cliffs jutting out, I was thinking of Gorillas in the Midst...

Spent the night in Mazatlan and then headed down to Sayulita (near Puerto Vallarta). I got a palapa (hut) for $20 a night and spent two nights there, taking a day off from riding yesterday to rest the bones. That town has a nice vibe to it, everyone was just so chill.

Am in Guadalajara now, hoping to get my rear tire changed tomorrow and then am heading back down to the coast towards Zihuatanejo. Oh, and I stopped by the Jose Cuervo factory today. 3 year aged Tequila sure does taste nice... :)

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