My Packing List

Here's everything that I'll be taking with me to Mehico:

Motoport Riding Suit
Under Armour Shirt (x3)
Under Armour Pants (x2)
Bicycle Shorts (with padding)
Dry-Fit T-shirts (x2)
Regular T-shirts (x3)
Thermal Top
Jeans (x1)
Shorts (x1)
Swim Trunks
Boxers (x3)
Silk Riding Socks (x3)
Neck Gaitor
Rain Liners
Aerostich Rain Glove Covers

Toilet Paper (small roll)
Eye allergy drops
Mosquito repellent
Nail cutter
First Aid Kit
Eye Glasses
Spare Contacts

Lonely Planet Mexico
LP Spanish Phrase Book
Meixco Guia Roji Map Book
GPS Users Manual
Sudoku Book, Pencil
Journal, Pen
Passport, Title, Insurance and copies

Digital Camera - Canon SD400 5 MP
Video Camera - Canon Elura 100
Helmet Camera - Twenty20
GPS - Garmin 60Cx
Radar Detector: Escort 9500i
iPod nano with Etymotic ER-6i earphones
Cellphone - Motorola Z6 and spare with extra batteries
SD Cards (2 GB in camera with spares: 1 GB and 512 MB)
microSD Cards for GPS (2 GB with US maps, 1 GB with Mexico maps)
Chargers for all devices
3-into-1 Wall Socket
iPod Speakers
LED Head Lamp

>Bike Related:
Spare Tubes (Front and Rear)
Tire Irons (in Tool Kit)
Tire Plugger Kit
Slime Air Compessor
Chain Lube
Siphon Pump
Vice Grips (x2)
Socket Set
Epoxy Bond
JB Weld
Clear Helmet Shield
Electrical Tape
Duct Tape
Digital Multimeter

With all that set, let the journey begin!

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