Arrived back home in Chicago

Just pulled into the garage. Am back home after an awesome 2 1/2 weeks on the road. I loved it. Mexico was everything I expected and more. Plus, met some really great people on the way.

I actually had a flat just south of Dallas. When I got my new rear tire installed in Monterrey, the guys punctured my tube and patched it up and I think the patch didnt hold. Luckily I found a Suzuki dealer right by the highway and got the tube replaced. I know how to do it, but it would probably take me a good 2 hours. Besides that, uneventful slab ride back home.

Interesting to note that I made it across the US from Texas to Chicago with no number plate and no one bothered me about it. LOL, they must be overrated.

Time to get sleep and will post more pictures soon...

Thanx everyone for following along.

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