Pictures: Day 7 - 8

Day 7 / Friday, September 28, 2007
Start: Mazatlan, Sinaloa, 10:15 am
End: Sayulita, Nayarit, 6:30 pm
Mileage: 273

The 3 little uninhabited islands just off the coast of Mazatlan. I think you can take day trips there for snorkeling and what not.

Mermaid statue on the main boulevard by the beach

These fisherman had just caught some fish and were gutting them right there on the beach. They invited me to share the Ceviche that they were going to make. They also asked for money for tortillas. The smallest note I had was 50 pesos, and they rejoiced with duping me out of my money. Oh well...

Lots of older people were going for a nice morning dip. Some were even wearing full wet suits. Must be refreshing in the morning.

A nice Renegade motorcycle parking on the beach.

The fishing must be that good if you don't even need a boat.

A shot of the beach at Old Mazatlan. My hotel was a block inside.

Pelicans and other birds waiting for the scrapped fish from the morning catches.

Breakfast in a little café by the beach. I read in the guide book that instant coffee is easier to find than brewed coffee in Mexico, same as in other developing countries.

Random Motorola logo being using for a car audio company… Motorola actually started off with car radios.

On Hwy 15 heading south towards the small town of Sayulita, north of Puerto Vallarta. The coastline in this part is defined by wetlands.

Getting a construction escort around some paving machines. Nice to see new tarmac on many of the roads that I rode.

Shrimp drying by the road side.

These girls were promoting certain oil products and performed the full service jobs of filling gas and cleaning the windows. Reminded me of a bikini bike wash minus the bikinis and the bikes.

Bus stopping on a crowded highway to load passengers. But what to do, there's no shoulders by the road.

Traffic backing up for a mile or more waiting for one way bridge traffic up ahead. I found his neon green Civic with rims to be out of place. And stereotypically it was driven by an Asian… in Mexico.

There were no real police cars away from the big cities and I mainly came across these public security trucks. Not sure if they were enforcing the speed or not. But I guess with all the crazy over taking that they were doing, it was all good.

Finally on Hwy 200, the coastal highway heading towards Sayulita. I liked the mix between thick jungles and palm trees. The coast was only a mile or so away, but the jungle and the mountains continue to the coast.

This somehow embodies what Central America would seem like to me: thick jungles with mountains and low cloud cover. It was lightly raining too.

At least they had a red flag on the end of the sticks, but how were they secured? I didn't hang around to find out.

San Blas, a little sleepy town on the coast.

Having lunch at a restaurant by the seaside. This was clearly low-season with a few random patrons.

But they made a cracking spicy shrimp dish with fries. Tasty.

The beach not looking that inviting with storm clouds about, but still nice to be near water.

The coconut trees told me I was close to shore but I didn't see much of it as the road was a little inland.

This was how the road basically looked heading towards Sayulita. Closely cropped thick jungles coming right up to the road, which had no shoulders. But the pavement quality was good. There was also heavy traffic heading to Puerto Vallarta, probably people from Guadalajara.

Hwy 200 to Sayulita

Hwy 200 to Sayulita

The little town of San Francisco, just north of Sayulita. I was told that if Sayulita was too crowded, this was a bit more sleepy town. I didn't really find much in terms of hotels or a main strip.

Ah, I had finally made it to Sayulita and more precisely to the El Camaron Campground.

This is the main office and the bar right on the beach. The campground is run by a really nice family and they told me this place was a surfers paradise in the winter time with tents pitched all over the site.

Enjoying a refreshing Mango Margarita…

The beach

The campsite. How awesome.

I saw lots of these birds who were fishing. They would fly high and then swoop down to the water and try and catch fish.

I've always wanted to see a sunset on a nice beach…

Nature's canvas of colors are just beautiful.

One of the palapas (beach hut) right on the beach.

I stayed in this lovely little palapa for $20 a night. It was so nice that I decided to stay two nights and take a day off from riding.

It was simply a hut with a ceiling fan, bed with mosquito net and a hammock. Awesome.

The bed with the mosquito net.

The hammock in the palapa.


Day 8 / Saturday, September 29, 2007
Start: Sayulita, Nayarit
End: Sayulita, Nayarit
Mileage: 0

The quaint little town of Sayulita. Lots of foreigners around (since I'm brown, I was considered to be Mexican by everyone).

There were lots of real estates offices in town as the gringos were buying up all the beach front houses and over-valuing property (according to one local).

The recently opened Burrito Revolution run by friendly Antonio and Patty.

This place has awesome burritos, with fillings like marlin, shrimp and the usual chicken and steak. The sauces they used were banging. Great atmosphere too.

The chef (forgot his name), great guy, moved down here from Guadalajara.

This place just opened in the low season and business is already doing great. They can't wait for the high winter season to start. Good people.

Some of the signs at Burrito Revolution.

Some of the signs at Burrito Revolution.

I saw these two adventure riders from Canada pull into town. The guy up front is doing it the right way by bringing along a new rear tire. They had Alberta plates.

A neglected dune buggy racer. How cool.

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