Am in the city of Guanajuato tonight. Wow, does this city have character or what! Took me an hour to find my hostel after riding around in circles. Didnt complain as I was getting a nice tour of the city. This city is filled with underground one way tunnels that snake up and down through the mountain. It´s quite hairy to ride through, but a very cool experience. I love it. What a beautiful city. I could move here...

Also stopped by San Miguel de Allende, very charming little colonial town. And man are those steep cobble stoned streets or what. I could see why so many ex-pats move there, it´s got a very relaxed vibe to it.

Climbed Teotihucan´s Pyramide del Sol this morning. Very cool place. Was there first thing in the morning and had the whole place to myself. Awesome.

Heading up to San Louis Potosi and Monterrey tomorrow.

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