Got run off the road today...

Well, what do you know. It finally happened. After hearing all those stories of the bad drivers in Mexico crossing into your lane and what not, I got to experience it for myself today.

A little back-up. The tire store I knew about in Gauda (Motorrad in Plaza Bonita) was closed on Mondays, just my luck. I figured the rear tire was actually wearing slower now, so decided to push on and probably change in Monterrey or in San Antonio. Nice ride down to Barra de Navidad on the coast. Stayed in a bungalow on the beach in Melaque. Nice place, awesome beach, big waves, good local food. And my god, the college girls uniforms are quite scandalous in that little town. I´m talking micro mini skirts and tank tops... I hope they were college girls, cause giving me naughty thoughts...

Ok, so today heading down Hwy 200, the coastal highway from Melaque to Zihuatanejo. At a gas stop, remembered to put air in the tires, to increase their life, but probably ended up with too much in the front at 37 psi and rear at 38.

Was coming around a downhill left-right-left chicane, not really going that fast, just cruising (honest), staying way on the right side of my lane, honking my horn as usual, when I see this ford pickup cutting the chicane and all the way over in my lane heading straight for me. Wondering why he was in my lane... Anyway, grabbed all the front brake I could to avoid hitting him head-on and the front wheel washed out under me and I low-sided into the ditch. Bastid didnt even stop, just kept going. All the other drivers I´ve come across have been good, just one bad apple.

Anyway, no real damage to me or the bike, except that my right saddle bag tore all around the inside seam. Used all the bungee cords I have to salvage it as a bag and managed to repackage everything else. Helmet and gloves never touched the ground, but later realized I had a 1/2 inch sqaure road rash under my elbow (first-aid kit bandages to the rescue). No scuff marks on the jacket, maybe just a burn from the friction. Wondering how. The pants have a couple of scuff marks. Damn, didn´t really want to crash test this new Motoport gear, but hey, it works as promised. I also lost the little platform on my shift lever, so now only a metal rod sticking out. Not bad to shift, but will wrap some duct tape around it tonight to add some padding.

Bike started right up, was able to stand it up straight, but bike was at too steep an angle into the ditch. Could not walk it out in first grear. Tried to wave down a few drivers, but dangerous curve, no where to stop. Passing rider on a standard 100 cc bike stopped and helped me walk the bike out.

Let the pressure out of the front tire back down to 32 and it´s handling well under braking now. Only sad outcome to this whole episode is that my camera got flung onto the ground, battery door missing and it wont start up. So for the rest of the trip, only camera phone for pictures. Bummer. And thank god my iPod didnt get damaged, was lying under me while low-siding. Phew, if that was gone, what would I do! LOL

I was able to get going again soon and made it to Zihuatanejo by 7 pm. Nice town, kinda touristy, but a nice touristy. Good grilled Mahi-mahi for dinner.

This is the turning point of the trip, heading back up North...
Tomorrow heading to see the ruins of Teothituacan near Mexico City and then Guanajuato and onto Monterrey.

For those that are worried, dont worry, I´ve turned it down another notch and will be extra extra careful.

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