Pictures: Day 6

Day 6 / Thursday, September 27, 2007
Start: Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, 8:30 am
End: Mazatlan, Culiacan, 7:30 pm
Mileage: 457

Breakfast at the same 24 hr cafĂ©. Didn’t really want eggs today, so some Barbacoa (pulled BBQ pork) tacos it was. Simple, but always good.

On the highway between Hidalgo del Parral and Durango. These yellow flowers went well with the bright blue sky.

On the highway between Hidalgo del Parral and Durango.

Looks like there's a fine even green carpet laid over these mountains.

Some bridge construction.

Crossing the 10,000 mile mark on auDRey. I picked her up used last November with around 4,000 miles on her.

A nice lake on the highway between Hidalgo del Parral and Durango.

The highway hugged the lake for a while, making for a nice ride.

Stopping for lunch at a road-side food stall for Gorditas (not related to what Taco Bell serves in anyway). These were more like stuffed pita bread pouches. I had the Picadillo, some shredded pork with small potato chunks, very tasty. And of course, Coke. Did you know that Mexicans consume the most Coke per person in the world! I saw people drinking it even at breakfast. And bottled Coke tastes so much better.

The Espinoza Diablo! The famed Hwy 40 from Durango to Mazatlan where the road twists and winds from 9,000 ft down to sea level over 150 miles. It's usually fogged in during the afternoons and the section that's actually called the Devil's Spine is where the road runs on a ridge with drop offs on both sides. What a thrill to ride.

Twisties in the mist.

Distracting scenery also adds a danger to this ride. Amazing views. Couldn't find too many safe places to stop and take pictures.

There was rain, sun and fog, constantly changing back and forth.

The scariest part is hoping a massive semi-truck isn't coming the other way. There is lots of truck traffic on this road, which limits how fast you can ride it.

The thick forest and the heavy fog gave the road a little mystical aura.

Down there, past all these mountain ranges is Mazatlan on the coast. Was rushing a bit to get done with the twisties before dark.

A few last turns on the way down. The road surface was excellent for the most part.

Stayed at Hotel Mexico in Old Mazatlan for $10. Was again the only guest at the hotel. This is low season for Mexico.

And I got to park the bike in a little garage below the hotel for free. How nice of them.

The room definitely matched its price. It was ragged but clean enough. The curtains were dusty, yes, and there was no A/C, but I survived with the ceiling fan.

Not the cleanest of bathrooms, but what do you expect for 100 pesos, eh?

Dinner at Mariscos El Camichin, right on the beach, recommended by the Lonely Planet guide book. The breeze from the ocean was blowing through the open-air setup. Fantastic.

I had the Fillete Zarandeado, a grilled fish with peppers, tomatoes and onions. It was super tasty and cost only about $12.

Taking a little walk after dinner on the beach. It was a long day and a tiring one, but the ride on the Espinoza Diablo is one of the best roads I've ridden. Well worth it.

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